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Hi and Welcome! I am so excited you are here!

My name is Jocelyn, creator of CheekyDIYHome and lover of all things home decor, interior design and DIY's.

I especially love an affordable DIY however can be skeptical on if:

I can achieve such a look?

If it actually looks as good in person?

Will it be worth my time, money and effort?

How durable is it?

How much skill is really needed?

And I know I am not alone in this. Let me give you some context. I am essentially no one special. Just an average girl, with little exposure to DIY yet attempting to DIY. I maybe get some tips from my father in law who has a background in construction and my husband who has learned some bits of information from his father but essentially, I am self taught with youtube and Instagram stories from females that inspire and empower me.

Now, I also cannot afford all the things that I see on instagram. So I refer to other platforms for inspiration where I find budget friendly DIY's and hacks and this.... is where where my head starts turning and curiosity sweeps in.

Once a month I try out one of these hacks and review them. Giving you my honest feedback on the process for me, informing you of my mistakes and then ultimately... you decide if the project is right for you.

On instagram, I also bring you along my journey as I or we (hubs and I) renovate our 1957 home and will share some aspects on the blog as well.

Not only do I hope that you benefit from the reviews, but I also hope you grow inspired and courageous to DIY on your own as you watch me expand on my skills.

I hope you realize or already know that you can do amazing things if you become fearless and try.

XOXO - Jocelyn


About Me

Hi friend! My name is Jocelyn,  lover of all home decor and DIY. I especially love an affordable DIY or hack but often become skeptical on if I can achieve the look, will it be worth my time and effort and so forth. SO I test out the DIY's and hacks then review them for you!  

On the blog you can expect a new monthly review of a DIY or hack and me trudging along with projects of my home. Join along as I advance on my skills and help you build confidence along the way!



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