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Rustoleum Tub and Tile Review

WOW. I cant believe how much this room has changed by just painting on this refinishing kit!

I used Rust oleum Tub and tile to quickly transform this room from a very 70's bathroom to a standard modern bathroom!

I'll be sharing exactly what I did, my mistakes and if this project is really worth the work.

It took me a year to jump and do this project for many reasons but the main one was I read several reviews mentioning how HORRIBLE and strong the smell lingers.. and I am here to say.....

This is accurate.

I broke this project up in 3 days because I had to wait for my husband who has been living the WFH life (Thanks COVID-19!) to be out of the house for a long period of time. Soo.. that did not happen often. He hated the smell and I don't blame him. It is very toxic smelling and someone can easily pass out if they are not careful.

Now my bathroom is really small, and there is no window. So ventilation within itself was limited. I made sure to open all the windows on that floor and had fans on to help with this which was so vital. My first day I wore a KN95 and surgical mask because that was all I had. And let me tell you..

I got really lightheaded at one point and dizzy. I quickly stepped out for fresh air and even debated continuing with the other coats.

Well my bathroom looked like this.. I basically SHOULD continue.

I ended up getting a respirator with these cartridges which made all the difference. I could not smell a thing besides freshness! This let me continue without problem so that is a MUST.

I also learned to put a fan at the doorway exerting the air from the bathroom to the remaining of the house. I think this definitely helped with the lingering smell in the bathroom and the smell just went outside since my windows were open.

So there's my 2 cents on the smell. Its pretty bad..

Supplies needed:


Like most projects, prep is key and this is definitely not one to skip on.

  1. Begin by removing any excess or old caulk, if needed re-caulk

  2. Wipe your surface with your multipurpose cleaner

  3. Sand your surface and rewash your surface

  4. Then you will use your tact cloth to remove fine dust and hair.

  5. Okay! We are almost painting. You will mix parts A and B together and let it sit for 10 minutes.

  6. You want it to sit because this will help thicken it. If you can wait a little longer that is better however you will have to work fast when painting.

  7. Pour your mix into the paint tray and start painting as you would your wall. Do not run over an area too much when wet, the paint can be sensitive.

Now that we went over the steps its time for the review.

Let me remind you on my reviews, my intention is not to tell you my personal opinion. It's just straight facts from my experience as an average person trying to DIY. So lets get to it.



  • Immediate Results

  • Water resistant

  • Cost effective

  • Beginner Friendly


  • Strong toxic smell

  • Potential Slip hazard

  • Prone to pet scratches

  • Cannot expose to water for 3 days

OKAY. So to explain all the bits and pieces of this. Refacing my bathroom came out to $77 for 3 kits which completely TRANSFORMED my bathroom. SO YEAH. PRETTY AFFORDABLE. Especially compared to a full remodel of at least 5K up to 20K for a small bathroom like this. And in the grand scheme of things, this took slim to no time (3 days broken up) compared to a full remodel.

With that, the only skill you need is painting which really.. anyone can do so it is definitely beginner friendly!

Lastly, it has been 6 months since I applied the first coat and I have absolutely no complaints with the water resistance. It repels the water with no issue.

Now for the cons.

Let me address the smell first. It is unbelievably STRONG. I strongly recommend having as much ventilation as possible with the fan on in the bathroom as many windows open and additional fans in the house to disperse the smell out of the house. Even after I had done this, the smell lingered in the house for a good 2-3 hours.

You should not skip on a respirator. Trust me. The respirator smells like fresh air and you will want to put it back on once you take it off.

You should also remove anyone/anything that would be affected by the smell like family and pets for their own well-being until the smell subsides.

Another con I found was the actual surface on the tub that it leaves. The surface seems somewhat delicate in a manner where I would never trust my 50+lb dogs in this tub because their nails would easily scratch this up. On top of this, the surface is so shiny and water resistant that it actually causes a slippery surface on the floor.

On top of the slippery surface another issue I saw many others complain of was the fact that if they did apply a non-slip mat. Eventually when removing the mat, the refinish would peel upon removal. I 100% would back this up as I accidentally managed to get duct tape stuck to a small area and immediately it peeled.


Soo... I messed up major and it could have been completely prevented and is preventable for you. My first coat went well with no issues besides realizing that I needed an actual respirator and more ventilation.

My 2nd coat is where things went downhill for me. Somewhere along the way of painting, I decided to move my shower head and mind you... I did not shut off the water supply......

So when the shower head moved.... Water droplets fell onto a painted surface...

And the rest is history... Permanent damage and of course in an effort to try to save it.. I ended up making it worse.

Here is what I mean.. The water hit the painted surface, I HAD NO CLUE at the time and ran my roller over this are to see it bubbling weird not painting as it was all before. It bubbled and did not appear adhered.

I tried not to freak, switched out my roller and continued the rest of the surfaces. No issues whew. BUT that one area still remained damaged with a flaking bubbling appearance occurring.

Sooo.... on my 3rd coat, I decided to take it upon myself to sand that area.... which ended up being a HORRIBLE idea. See my thought was, sanding smoothen out the surface like regular paint and I would just paint over it like nothing happened.


Instead.. I created these huge holes with crystalized paint components that stick out like an eyesore. I still have to this day and nothing can fix it besides tiling on top of this.. which at this point.. is not in my plans.

So I hope this teaches you a lesson if you pursue this..either shut off your water or cover your faucet and shower head.

I sure learned my lesson

Well, my friend. I hope you found this helpful. Thank you for joining me!

As always send any questions. And if you have anything you've been debating as a DIY that you would like me to review, send it my way!

Until next time.

XOXO - Jocelyn


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