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Welcome to week one of the One Room Challenge! This is my very first time participating and I sure hope we succeed in completing on time as this one is a big one for us! We are transforming our 1/2 bathroom into a full bathroom!! AND no.. we are not opening a wall.. instead we are CLOSING a door!

Before I get into the plan and reveal my vision let me share what the One Room Challenge is, in case you are unsure of what this is.

This challenge consists of a room (or space) transformation to be completed and revealed in 8 weeks. The challenge consists of amazing designers as chosen by the host and better homes and gardens who reveal their plans on May 5, 2021. THEN, there are guest participants. Which is what I would be, I reveal my plans and what week work looks like to you today - May 6, 2021, then every Thursday until 8 weeks is up I continue updating you and then finally the magic and hard work gets displayed for the final reveal!

Now this challenge is great because it sets a goal for those aspiring to transform a room, and kicker?? Theres no winner! It is simply to motivate and encourage everyone to transform a space that they have been itching to do already.

Okay, now that you understand the challenge, are you ready???

Heres the space!

Take note of:

  • Floor

  • Tiles on the wall

  • Popcorn ceiling

  • Present door

And well.. it is much needed for an update not just on looks but also functionality!

My home comprises of my husband and I, then our 2 large dogs and cats. One day, hopefully... kids! But for now, its just us and we only have 1 shower! No biggie. However, I happened to move 8 hours away from my hometown where my immediate family resides and well... when they visit. Sharing 1 shower becomes quite a task and they all have to pencil in on the schedule when they are showering.

Kidding.. but not kidding

That amongst a few other reasons like its benefit to increase the equity of the home is why this transformation is sooo essential.

Okay. So onto the plan and moodboard!!


I am in love! Now this is the vision.

However, anything can change along the way... like uhm the paint color?? Or maybe the stenciled tiled floors. I love the idea of a small pattern however may invert that design to be mostly white with a black accent. So much of my home on the first floor is has gold, and black and white accents so I found this to be these tones to be the most fitting however.... anything can happen with me switching routes.

Also! This will be a bathroom with a tub. Why? easier to wash dogs, bathtubs are ideal for kids and eventually our main bathroom will become a shower with no tub so just thinking ahead!

Now that you have the vision, here is THE PLAN:

Originally, I had set this up week by week. HOWEVER , because so much of the beginning is demo , electrical, and plumbing which requires the help of my very handy and resourceful father in law our initial set of the timeline is dependent on him. Also, in the beginning phase of this project, many things can transpire and can go wrong. SO.. if at some point we get delayed, I hope to start on some of the other jobs on the list.

NOW. ONTO what happened for WEEK 1: DEMO AND CLOSE A DOOR

AND YIKES.. We created a mess. See you next Thursday for the next update!!

Now that you have seen my post, head on over the the one room challenge page here to go look at what everyone else is up to and be inspired! There are soooooooo many amazing makeovers happening to follow along on!

As always feel free to ask any questions or your own personal experience. If you do not already follow me on instagram where you will see more of the behind scenes of this process!

Until next time!

XOXO - Jocelyn


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