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From 70's Basement to Home Theater

I quickly googled 70's basement and the image above was what appeared. EASILY, My basement fits in. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw it in there somehow! My home was built in 1957 and had 2 previous home owners who loved the home and took care of it which I am grateful for. They did however, keep the style of the home outdated during these present times.

So my husband and I took the challenge and transformed this pink paneled basement into a movie room!

Here is the before and after.

(this is a slideshow)


When we first closed on the home our first step was priming and painting our walls and baseboards in our bedrooms and especially this basement. YES. The paneling was painted over.

Then we removed all of the pink carpet and added LVT from a local flooring company doing a peel and stick style LVT.

Now comes the fun stuff, we (Matt) created boxed frames out of 2x4s to make the soffits for the recessed lighting and used this bundle from amazon for the recessed lighting. Best part? They are can-less!! We used a recessed light hole saw to create the holes in the drywall.

Then... fiber optic lighting!!!

This is the coolest part and truly completes this room!

We used this kit from amazon for the fiber optic lighting. And actually used foam insulation boards which helps the noise stay within and it also kind of sound proofs the room (double win!). Then Matt covered it with a black fabric from our local fabric store and used retardant spray .

Once the fabric is placed and glued on, he drilled holes through the foam and fabric and voila!!

Okay not just yet but super close!

Tons of little holes went through and he pulled the fiber optic strands through the holes and even tried to glue them with a little Elmer's glue (he did not find this to be that useful) although perhaps the glue dots? I would be a little afraid to try a glue gun on this.

Eventually, he ended up just pulling them through the holes with the strands hanging at least 1-2 feet below their holes. This allowed enough slack when lifting the foam boards up to the ceiling that the strands would not fall out of their holes.

We screwed the boards into the ceiling studs and BAM. Movie room.

The great thing about both the fiber optic and recessed lighting is that the colors change with the click of a remote and they have special setting. The fiber optic ceiling even syncs with your sound which can be great for listening to music and just jamming out.

On Instagram you can find highlights showing some of the step-by step processes. Follow me there and if you haven't already.

Thanks for tuning it. Until next time!

As always send any questions. And if you have anything you've been debating as a DIY that you would like me to review, send it my way!

XOXO - Jocelyn


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