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Faux Shiplap Review and HOW TO: Washi Tape

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Today I am sharing another review. It's a faux shiplap.

I introduce to you... WASHI TAPE SHIPLAP!

Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links. I get commissions for purchases made through some links. All opinions are own.

Okay first I will tell you I THOUGHT this concept was popular however, was soo shocked to find out that it wasn't and instead was dishing out a new hack to many people.

Remember, it's called FAUX Shiplap. Meaning it's fake, it mimics the look of shiplap however clearly is not. Think of it as a way to accent your wall to mimic the look but not get the actual depth of it on your wall. and best of all... THIS IS RENTER FRIENDLY.

Yes... you read that right.. anyone can do this (well almost anyone, I'll explain more).

Now let's get into the details.. I purchased this washi tape from Amazon for around $7 for a bundle of 6. Doing this wall probably cost me like 0.50 cents in material AKA.. NOTHING.

Materials Needed:

  • Washi tape

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Rag

  • Pencil

  • Long level

  • Xacto knife / Razor blade

  • Credit card or Scraper of some sort


  1. Wash your walls, I recommend first with a multipurpose cleaner THEN with rubbing alcohol. If you skip the rubbing alcohol you basically are destined for failure.

  2. Next mark your walls from top to bottom every 5 inches (or more or less, do whatever the heck you like!)

  3. Grab your long level or a laser level if you have one. You will create a pencil guide with the level in order to create the straight even lines.

  4. After you mark your lines you will grab the rubbing alcohol AGAIN. When I tell you that rubbing alcohol is vital for this to stick, I mean it. You will remove as much of the pencil guide off leaving only a very little visible for you to see and follow.

  5. Wash your hands. The oils and any dirt on your hands will touch your washi tape which will be another factor this may fail if not washed.

  6. Here we go! Apply your washi tape.

  7. Start from one corner

  8. Apply with your fingers pressing down then use your scraper to go over it.

  9. Use your Xacto knife to cut the excess or even a scissor will less likely damage your walls.

  10. I started from the top and worked my way down.

There you have it! Stand back and admire.

On Instagram, I did share a quick reels on the how to as well

If any pieces fall, ask yourself:

Did I put enough rubbing alcohol in this area? Was I sweating maybe?

You have 2 options here.

  • Option 1: Rip that piece off and start that area fresh by reapplying rubbing alcohol and applying a new strand

  • Option 2: Reapply rubbing alcohol reuse that strand and cross your fingers!

I tried option 2 on this one and crossing my fingers worked! This has been up for over a month and no issues whatsoever!!!

Now for the review.

In this months review I compared this to sharpie shiplap because the cost and looks are quite similar however the application differs, washi tape is removable and there is a slight difference in looks. I'll link the youtube video here if you prefer to just see it all at once.


  • Removable

  • Beginner friendly

  • Affordable (less than $10)

  • Immediate results


  • Has a shine with light

  • Can fall if prep is done poorly

  • Does not work on textured walls

  • Not recommended in a humid environment (bathrooms with a shower or tub)

Let me remind you on my reviews, my intention is not to tell you my personal opinion. It's just straight facts from my experience as an average person trying to DIY. So lets get to it.

Using Washi tape for faux shiplap is extremely affordable and is renter friendly theres no questions about that. I also found that it does not require much skill (really none at all) and the results are immediate! Whereas some flaws with this occur in the manner that you really cannot skip in prep on this.

For instance, I skipped the rubbing alcohol on my very first attempt just thinking it would work if I cleaned the wall really well. Wrong.

It fell within a few hours.. and not just 1 falling, instead multiple fell and it was just sad and a disappointment. I considered the project a DIY FAIL and was a tad annoyed because not only did I waste my time but I received this message from my husband reminding me of the failure again.

But atlas, I tried again. And realized the problem. I skipped on the rubbing alcohol and my life was much easier the next time around. After fixing the 1 small strand falling early on by crossing my fingers. The washi tape has been up for 2 months with no issues.

As you move throughout the room with the light on, you will see a refection of light.

Next, the rubbing alcohol. This is great for removing old stains on your walls. HOWEVER. Please make sure that your paint is cured and you have not recently painted it as the paint will likely come off when you wipe. Remember that rubbing alcohol can be used as an alternative to paint thinner. So if you do paint your walls for this, read the label for curing time.

Lastly, this project will not work in a humid environment like a bathroom with a shower or tub. It also will not work well on textured walls.

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions or any additional recommendations, send them my way! And if you have anything you've been debating as a DIY that you would like me to review, send it my way!

Until next time!

XOXO - Jocelyn


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