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Bleach Your Wood Furniture

I was handed down this great cabinet for my cats to err.. go to the bathroom. It was great for its function but it was too dark for my liking. So I bleached it!

Originally the color of the cabinet was more like a cherry stain that was very shiny and I wanted more of lighter color without painting it. The goal was for the wood to still show through and have a natural rustic look. I think it came out really good, I absolutely love it!

Here we go!


Materials Needed:

• Old Paint brush

• Paint/Varnish Stripper

• Scraper

• Old Rag

• Bleach

• (Optional) Stain

• Sealant like Polyurethane or wax clear coat


Step 1: Clean the Cabinet with a multipurpose cleaner to remove dust floating hair (I have 4 pets so this is a must!)

Step 2: Remove the Old Finish. I used a stripper that is safe to use indoors. (CitriStrip)

• Use a cheap brush, an old one will work fine! Glob the Citristrip material, spreading it heavily throughout. I don't recommend doing this in direct sunlight as the material will harden quickly.

• Leave on for 30 minutes or longer, watching for a cakey build up to form.

Citristrip, it was a pleasant smell and safe to use indoors. Recommend using gloves as it is sticky.

Here is an example of the buildup that occurs and the impact of just one scrape!

Step 3: Use your scraper and get to work! Repeat steps 2 & 3 as needed to

achieve desired look to strip the material.

Once you are done it may be sticky. A little bit of murphys oil soap often does the trick for wooden surfaces otherwise try a small amount of multi-purpose. If all else fails.. sand with a fine grit.

Step 4: Grab your bleach, pour into a bowl and dip the rag in. Use the wet rag and apply it on the wood following the grain. Yes its that simple!

Step 5: Allow it to dry overnight before sealing or staining.

Step 6: Stain or seal with Polyurethane or wax to protect the furniture and admire your work!

• Step 6A: Grab your stain and wood conditioner (the wood conditioner is optional but it allows the stain to absorb into the wood better and limits blotchiness)

Step 7: Step back and admire!

Theses photos show the process from original, in between to end.


Let me know if you give this a try! I would love to hear your feedback and if you have any further recommendations.

This project is perfect for anyone looking to repurpose their furniture whether it has an emotional attachment and is simply no longer your style. Or you just purchased it off marketplace, maybe found a steal at a garage sale or the thrift store. This if for you! Honestly, this furniture flip is one of my favorites but sadly, my husbands least. It's fine! We survived our differences and are still happily married, we simply have different tastes!

Thank you for joining me! As always send any questions. And if you have anything you've been debating as a DIY that you would like me to review, send it my way! Until next time.

XOXO - Jocelyn


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