The Roots


Hi! My name is Jocelyn, lover of all home DIY's. I am often daydreaming on how to improve my home for both function and beauty without breaking the bank. Then I make it come to life!


My husband and I closed on our home in December of 2019 which was where my passion uprooted. From the moment we closed, I chose to document the transition of the home because I was excited myself to compare the before and after images.


The home was perfect for us, a young couple with 4 pets, and enough space for kids one day. It had a great foundation BUT the 1957 home was a little outdated. Automatically I knew paint would be my best friend which was the first "easy" step but along the way we added a fence, ripped out carpet, installed new flooring and then some! I am taking you along the process of my home transformation and helping you build courage to DIY. You will see me build confidence as I progress in my woodworking skills and I hope it gives you motivation to overcome your fears. I will make mistakes and show you what not to do and also reveal my tips and tricks. 

In addition to the blog, you will find a shop for custom home decor and personal goodies made completely by me! These will include my favorite "crafty" DIY's that fill my home. 

My ultimate goal is to help you build DIY confidence to create a space you are proud of. 

Thanks for stopping by!